The Five Bad Points of Mainstream Pop Audio

1. The famous actors in the audio movieIf it can a music video like g6 then you will almost all likely hate the video aspect, many people are pretty much irritating, your people singing the song. Plus this is one of the causes I pay attention to Oriental pop music; in Asia they're very big on put groups, and they're not like the black color eyed peas... (shudder) No,  アイドル 地下 彼氏目線 いやいや  dancing in the video tutorials, so they aren't searching at the camera trying to always be cool but approaching off as a new total a...a couple of. Stupid lyrics.The majority of people complain concerning the lyrics inside songs not rhyming, but in our opinion those individuals require to shut finished. Songs don't include to rhyme, but if you're proceeding to make some involving the song rhyme and then give up half method through, that's merely not acceptable.Or even, the problem could just be ridiculous lyrics. Sometimes they can go off upon to something which has got nothing to conduct with the subject matter of the tune, or the music can be about something entirely foolish like getting keen constantly. (good job music industry. )Who do a person think we include to blame for teenagers going out and having wasted... well in addition to their parents, and also the person's personality in addition to intelligence? Music! Audio that keeps rewarding the idea that cool people head to parties and get drunk all the time. In addition to all American teenagers seem to value is being cool, generally I wouldn't admit we should take action more like the Japanese as they're not exactly perfect, however the Japanese encourage their kids to be nerds, and also a nerd really does not mean an annoying person who constantly has the cold or just likes you their research. You may be good at school whilst still being become cool. If I can mention a nerd who got top billing We would point out Light from Passing away Note, but your dog is insane, he kind of went close to killing people... Yet he got all the ladies!... and then simply killed them... Ahora... I'll stop chatting now...3. Guest verses.Annoying guest verses, sometimes tunes possess a guest which sings a piece, and most people think the track would be much better without one, including JYJ's 'Ayy Girl' (though it was, certainly, a stupid label for a music, and the audio video wasn't quite good set up tune was. )

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